Hello friends,

Here is a beautiful channelled message from Holy Archangel Michael to welcome us into the year 2012.

This is a transition of all life on planet earth and beyond. The biggest transition is on earth, as all will return back to a higher state of consciousness. While this transition may be completed differently for people, it is because this transition may have various ways to be completed. All is in Divine Order.

This year will bring great opportunity but one must stay focused. Just as in the beginning of time, it always is one's heart centre which knows the correct road to take. It is meant to be a different experience for each, with various opportunities which allow for individuality. You will know you are on track when more will be revealed that has been hidden beyond the veil

This will occur with time. Things that were difficult to understand will suddenly make sense and one will be inspired to take the next step forward. Letting go of fears and asking for any blockages to be removed is important. This can be done daily or multiple times a day. One must not feel this is a burden. It is only through doubt or lack of trying that one will not achieve what is desired.

Support and guidance will always be given to those who ask. So search within what feels right. This is a time of rapid growth. Slowly as the fear is released, opportunities will arise. These are the steps to allow one to become a master of one's own destiny. Just feel a great reverence for the source resides within all. The realization of this removes all blockages. Questions will be answered and one will move rapidly into the higher vibrations. Let that light shine brightly in all that you do.

One's troubles will rapidly dissolve as a stardust re-ignites one's spirit.

Love Holy Archangel Michael