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Biopulsar Reflexograph


Through its advanced software program, the Biopulsar translates the energy read from each reflex zone into the colour language allowing us to see our fullbody aura. *The Aura is part of your personality and energy field. It displays thoughts and emotions on a conscious level. This system will also allow us to see the energy of the: Chakra System & the vitality of 47 different organs and glands including 8 brain parts. The Biopulsar is currently used throughout the world by conventional and complimentary practitioners. It reveals the connection between mind and body!



Many ancient cultures such as the ancient Egyptians, Greek & Chinese practiced the healing power of colour. By using the universal language of colour, imbalances within the body which exist at the molecular level can be corrected to restore health to each cell. Chromalive Colour Therapy can help achieve the state of homoeostasis in an organ by simply tonating the appropriate energetical therapy colour in the correlating Reflex Zone, Acupuncture Point and Meridian.

Other benefits include a quick anti-aging effect that takes place. Through specific colour massage of the face reflex zones, can bring a more relaxed, fresher complexion and a reduction in wrinkles. Chriomalive Colour Therapy is a safe, non invasive method of rebalancing the body’s energy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.




The purpose of Iridology is to determine location, stage and cause of weakness in the body and determine the steps to overcome. There are over 90 different organs and tissues represented in the eye. Iridology does not name disease but moreimportantly it is a valuable tool in cause, correction and prevention in relation to illness.

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

Reiki is a healing energy. It restores in the area of mental, emotional and physical ailments. The treatments are very relaxing. Some changes in diet and lifestyle may be necessary to facilitate the process to the fullest. The process does not conflict with other health care methods but enhances and benefits.

In addition we have found Reiki to be especially beneficial for our children and pets. By using this healing energy for our children on a regular basis, we have witnessed the wonderful calming effects it has and improved health and well being. Pets love the benefits of Reiki and intuitively let you know when they have finished with their treatment. Over the years we have also combined our Reiki treatments with Crystal Healing. Both of these treatments are simple, non-toxic, and non-invasive ways to heal. The gifts they provide us are immeasurable.


Services Offered

Body, Mind & Spirit Consultation
45 minutes $45.00 Includes Aura and Chakra interpretation and photograph.
This reading can include intuitive and guided work.

Body, Mind & Spirit
Consultation with Chromalive or Reiki Treatment 90 minutes $65.00
Includes Aura and Chakra interpretation, photograph and treatment.

Angelic and Crystal Readings and Healing
by Donation

Infrared Sauna
30 minutes $15.00 Includes a Colour Light Therapy treatment during sauna.

Individual Reiki or Chromalive Treatments
By Donation

60 minutes $45.00 This reading can include intuitive and guided work together with eye reading.